All my production may be considered the result of  a personal re-interpretation of a whole set of cultural references, artistic influences and personal obsessions, all contaminated by the world of fantasy and sci-fi images which are common to the people of my generation.
It’s a synthesis which goes on one side as an “addiction” by hybridizing or  juxtaposing counter pointed elements on the border between antithetic worlds (dream and reality, human and animal, natural and artificial, child and adult) and on the other side as a “subtraction” by deleting what proves to be superfluous, unsafely complicated or too characterising.
These alien figures, somehow autonomous, airtight, living in their own distant and super-colourful world provoke opposite reactions in the mind of the viewer who sees and projects itself into the art piece and perceive my work according to his particular point of view: horror or innocence, smile or worry, detachment or menace, attraction or repulsion.
Every exhibition I did was meant to be a collection of questions about esthetical but also ethical matters because representing what is “diverse” from us is of course connected to the integration of other cultures, religions or social classes.